Monday, 11 December 2017

Shih tzu report

Shih Tzu

What is cute,adorable,playful and active Shih tzu’s!!
Shih tzu are 8-11 inches tall and they weigh 9-16 pounds. Also there life span is 8-10 years.

Shih tzu’s don’t bite they are Friendly dogs. Shih tzu’s are also lovers not hunters.These puppies are a good companion too.Also when you are sad they will come and cuddle and lick you.
Shih tzu breeds were found in china and in our days Shih Tzu’s are an ancient breed of dogs. You will  barley find a pure shih Tzu will only find lots of mix breeds mix breeds.The mandarin phrase of Shih tzu is a little lion.Shih Tzu were called chrysanthemum dog in the 1930s. Sometimes Shih tzus can live up to 20 years.Shih tzus are very puppies. Shih tzus puppies love to have attention. When you don’t play with Shihtzus they will lie down and become a mat. Shihtzus play for a very long time.They will play until you get tired

This is the life of a Shih tzu. I hope you like Shih tzu puppies from this report

Sunday, 3 December 2017

less possums

Less possums

complete a cause and effect  map to show how less possums will  affect wildlife.

Slide 2


Use traps to kill possums only

Use poison  

Shoot them

Sell more fur products

Slide 3


Less possums can cause less damage to trees
There will be fewer possums but we can damage soil and water supplies with poisons

We would have less possums but other animals or people could get hurt
Less possums can cause less damage to
trees,but other furry animals might be in  risk

Thursday, 29 June 2017

My key competencies

Key Competencies
(the capabilities required for living and lifelong learning)

Halsey Drive School
                    A = Almost Always
                                                               S = Sometimes
                                                          N = Not yet
1st half of the year
2nd half of the year
Managing Self

I am organised for the day

I am willing to try new things

I complete work to the best of my ability and show initiative

I begin work straight away, stay on task and work independently

I can set realistic goals and explain how to achieve them

I make sensible behaviour choices

I happily take part in all school activities

Relating to Others

I cooperate well with others when working

I treat others with respect

I am a good friend and role model - especially at break times

I show good manners and cooperate with others

Participating and Contributing

I share my ideas and opinions with others

I listen well to other people’s opinions

I take part in activities outside of the classroom


I ask relevant questions to deepen my knowledge

I reflect on my own learning and say what I need to learn next

Language Symbols and Texts

I use a range of IT to share my learning

Sunday, 21 May 2017

TV is a bad invention

TV is a bad invention!!

TV is bad!! TV is a bad invention! It can have bad videos showing which are for adults.this is one of the worst inventions that people made. Here are three reasons why TV is a bad invention.

Our first reason why TV is bad because you will become lazy and won’t get things done. eg homework and chores. Sometimes people get sleepy so they start to sleep while eating pizza or other food.other people could get late for work or school while watching TV.

Our second reason why Tv is bad because kids might get nightmares from horror movie and violent shows .kids may not pay attention to their parents when it is important.TV is also bad because you can be laying on the couch and not get exercise done and you will become fatter and fatter.TV is not a good invention because you will get addicted to it and if you watch it all day and every hour you will have to pay big amounts for your wifi bill which.

Our third reason why  TV is bad because kids might watch nasty stuff for an example people who are smoking and who watch violent videos on TV are more likely to show aggressive behavior, and to fear that the world is scary and that something bad will happen to them.

This  are our three reasons why tv is bad for you.Now stop you kids or parents to stop watching tv all day and give them a limit to watch TV for and example two hours.if you don't stop your kids they will watch TV for a long time  get ready to lose your friends if you have one.STOP watching TV now!!

Reflection: I need to work on my metaphors.

Why YouTube is a great app

YouTube is a great app

                          Walt write persuasively                                                     

YouTube is one of the best apps ever! On YouTube you can watch anything you want.  For example, watching people do challenges.  If you think that YouTube is one of the worst apps ever then you will be on our side if you read our reasons. Here are some reasons why YouTube is a great app.
YouTube is a great app because you can get entertained. Kids might get entertained by cartoons and parents might get entertained by movies, news and rugby and soccer games. Sometimes YouTube can be good because you watch people play video games you can get an idea from them and do it yourself. YouTube is entertaining because you could laugh by watching funny video, eg: The Simpsons.

Our second reason why YouTube is a great app is because you can post your own videos to YouTube and watch them yourself.  If you keep on posting videos you will get money.Also if y you will get  one thousand subscribers you will get the silver play button, you will a gold play button if you have over one million subscribers and you will get the diamond play button if you get ten million subscribers.  I you want you can trade them for money at the bank and if you keep on posting videos you will keep on earning money in your bank account.

Our final reason why YouTube is a great app is that because you can subscribe and donate money to YouTubers. you can  comment,also watch LIVE videos on YouTube which is good.people do earn $20 every video you upload and if you upload videos every two times a week you will earn $1000 for a whole year.people may make something special for YouTubers and search their address and send them to it and you can watch them open your special thing you made for them on  YouTube.

Now our reasons are done. Now you know how YouTube is a good app.Now you guys will be on our side and say that YouTube is a good app.DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE NOW OR SEARCH ON SAFARI OR GOOGLE!

Reflection: I need to work on putting my capitals in the right place and my full stops.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Describing myself

I am writing a description of where I come from.  I will be describing my ethnicity,
when and why my family immigrated to NZ, our religion and beliefs and special family

My family is Fiji Indian because my parents came from Fiji .  My dad is south Indian
and my mum is Punjabi.  At home I speak Hindi and English and so does
my mum, dad and my brother.  When a woman is married in our culture
they have to wear a gold necklace and red powder on their head  to show
they are married.  When people go and get married, women have to wear lots
of jewellery and a red sari and men have to wear a sherwani and a pagri. Pargi is
what men wear on their head but not a hat it's a long piece of clothing they wrap around your her head.                                             

In 1995 my dad settled in NZ because he came for a job.  When my dad was
going to get married to my mum, he went back to Fiji for a couple of years.  
in 2003 my mum was married to my dad and mum came to New Zealand.

My family believes in Jesus Christ.  We pray for him and learn about him.
My family traditions are to celebrate the Diwali festival of lights and Holi, the festival
of colours.                                                                                                                       

Going to Fiji affects my life  because I get to see my family and find more information
about my family history.
My reflection: I think I am relational because I have explained what the Indian clothes are and my culture.